Stop Snow Build-Up from Falling Off Your Roof with Snow Brakes

Based in Vermilion, we understand that living Alberta means heavy winters, ice and snow. When ice and snow build up on your roof, sometimes they can fall, potentially damaging your home, your plants or even hurting your family. New Profile Eaves can install snow brakes on your roof to retain ice and snow and prevent it from falling onto the ground. By installing snow brakes, it gives the snow some time to melt instead of letting it avalanche off the roof.

Snow and icy roof

Do I Need Snow Brakes?

Certain roof types, such as ones made from steel, slate and polymers have little ability to retain snow. These materials are too slippery for the snow to hold on to, so when snow builds up on your roof there is nothing holding them from avalanching down. Snow brakes are easy to install on new roofs as well as existing ones.

Protect your property and your family by installing snow brakes with New Profile Eaves.

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